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“Life is meant to be lived, not survived!”

Debt steals from you, your family and your future.
Eliminate debt now & start telling your money what to do.
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You can eliminate these debts!


Introducing my free Master Class

Introducing Master Class
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This Taking Charge of Your Finances Masterclass will give you insight into what you can do with your hard-earned income regardless of where you are in terms of your financial journey.
I will teach you the 7 Baby Steps of Dave Ramsey. It works, it changed millions of lives and help people get out of debt, stay out of debt, and start winning with money. 
Masterclass is  FREE and accessible  immediately after you sign-up. 


The topic of money has always been a hot one for me and my husband. Not only that we came from different family background with different money view, but also factor in the cultural differences, us coming from different countries.

Jojo has been instrumental in making me and my husband sit and discuss these differences in handling financial matters in our marriage.

Treating money as “just numbers” and not letting emotions get in the way was hard at first but with continuous checking in by Jojo, I am moved to take action. My husband and I were able to be more open about our individual expenses and our financial goals.

Jojo’s knowledge and pieces of advice struck a chord with us and this propelled us into action.

I have paid off 2 of my credit cards, been paying cash ever since starting with the Masterclass, and targetting to fully pay off my other 2 cards in the next 3 months. All thanks to Jojo’s follow-through.

We may be still a bit far from achieving financial freedom but with these baby steps, I am happy to share that we are on track to get there. Thanks to Jojo for laying the foundations.

Romina, Philippines


How  we can work together

One on One Coaching

Schedule a One to One coaching session and laser focus on your financial situation.

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Group Online Coaching

Want to learn with a group? Book your 10 weeks Group Coaching

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Motivational Speaker

Need a speaker on your event talking about Taking Charge of Your Finances and inject hope to the crowd that they too can do this?


"Thank you! I was almost crying. But never too late for me. You said somethings that caused chills on my spine."

- L


How does it work?

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Meet JOjo Murwira

Hi,  I'm    JOjo.   I'm glad that you are here and I hope to talk to you very soon.

I am a certified Financial Coach using the Baby Steps principles of Dave Ramsey. 

Talk to me.  Together we can navigate the situation you are in.   Let me help you look into your financial situation with objective eyes and no emotional baggage. Like many others that I have helped, I'm confident that together we can find ways to improve your financial situation. 

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Book your FREE 30 minutes consultation

Book your 30 Minutes consultation & let us get to know each other:

  • Tell me more about you

  • What winning with money means for you

  • Let me tell you how I work and what kind of support you will get

  • Kick start your journey towards  financial freedom