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Group Online Coaching

This is a 10-weeks program designed to give enough time for each lesson that will be composed of sharing knowledge, practical tips, exercises, and situational examples to help you understand and digest each lesson. 

Each lesson is inter-related to give you a full picture of the different elements you have to consider and take action as you start your Financial Journey. 

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You will be asked to look into a few things in your life during the whole course and will force you to think of things that you have never thought before and all these to help you on your financial journey towards financial freedom, whatever freedom means for you.

As part of the program, you have access to me via email in between sessions should you wish to clarify something or ask questions.


You can also let me use your situation (anonymously) during the session itself as a case study so we can laser focus on your situation and provide you with suggestions, things to consider, advices and tips on how to move forward.

Next group session

Saturday afternoons:

27    Mar   to   29 May   2021

13:00    to 14:00 CET

On-going: 9 Jan - 20 Mar   2021

Completed: 6 Sept - 22    Nov  2020  


I had my first encounter with David Ramsey thru an audiobook shared with me, who would have thought that will be life changing for me. This inspired me to enroll in the group financial coaching session given by JOjo and this has provided me a better assessment of my financial health.


Completing the 10 weeks program provided me with a better structure on how to approach that dream to be financially independent.

I am grateful that I have started this journey which provided me with confidence and direction despite all the uncertainties brought by this pandemic.


For the first time, I have a specific timeline for each of my financial milestones. As early as now, not even completing baby step 2, I already felt the changes in has brought to me and my family ... I have PEACE.


Thank you JOjo for allowing me to join you on this journey ...


Steve, Philippines

Benefit from each other but maintain your privacy

This group coaching program brings together like-minded individuals in a secured and anonymous group:

  • Anonymous place; nobody in the group will know each other

  • Anonymous questions; nobody in the group will know who asked what

  • But everybody will be benefitting from everybody’s experiences whether good or bad

  • And everybody will be benefitting from each other’s wins and loses during the 10 weeks program


It’s 10 amazing weeks of working with your best ally on this journey which is yourself and I’m really glad you are doing this journey.


10 Weeks Agenda

Putting it all together
  • Wrapping it all up

  • How to live with intentionality and with gazelle intensity

  • What's next for me?

3 to 6 Month Emergency Funds
  • What is an Emergency Fund (EF)?

  • 3 or 6  months of EF?

  • Debt free, can we now relax?

  • What is a sinking fund?

15% on Your Retirement
  • How much do I need to retire?

  • What is inflation rate?

  • What is compound interest?

  • Steps to take to prepare for retirement

  • Pension fund vs retirement

College Fund
  • Retirement first or college fund

  • Available scholarships

  • State schools vs private schools

  • Where to invest the college fund?

Mortgage & Rent
  • No mortgage, what now?

  • Rent vs buying

  • When to refinance your mortgage: questions to ask

  • What it feels like to be debt free

  • What is an insurance and why do you need it

  • What are the different kinds of insurance that I need?

  • What insurance not to buy?

Investments 101
  • Saving vs investments

  • Are retirement funds enough or do I need to invest?

  • What are Group Mutual Funds?

  • Other options?

Baby Emergency Fund
  • Understanding your  Why

  • What to do first?

  • Saving for Emergency Fund (EF)

  • How to start your EF & where to keep it?

  • When can I use the EF?

Budgeting 101
  • Financial Snapshot

  • What is a monthly budget & why it is important?

  • What are your four walls?

  • Recommended  percentage

  • Spendable income vs. debt

Debt Snowball
  • What is Debt?

  • Credit Cards - One of our biggest enemy

  • Stop making Debts

  • Debt Snowball vs Debt Avalanche

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