10 Weeks Agenda

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Putting it all together
  • Wrapping it all up

  • How to live with intentionality and with gazelle intensity

  • What's next for me?

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3 to 6 Month Emergency Funds
  • What is an Emergency Fund (EF)?

  • 3 or 6  months of EF?

  • Debt free, can we now relax?

  • What is a sinking fund?

15% on Your Retirement
  • How much do I need to retire?

  • What is inflation rate?

  • What is compound interest?

  • Steps to take to prepare for retirement

  • Pension fund vs retirement

College Fund
  • Retirement first or college fund

  • Available scholarships

  • State schools vs private schools

  • Where to invest the college fund?

Mortgage & Rent
  • No mortgage, what now?

  • Rent vs buying

  • When to refinance your mortgage: questions to ask

  • What it feels like to be debt free

  • What is an insurance and why do you need it

  • What are the different kinds of insurance that I need?

  • What insurance not to buy?

Investments 101
  • Saving vs investments

  • Are retirement funds enough or do I need to invest?

  • What are Group Mutual Funds?

  • Other options?

Baby Emergency Fund
  • document

Budgeting 101
  • Financial Snapshot

  • What is a monthly budget & why it is important?

  • What are your four walls?

  • Recommended  percentage

  • Spendable income vs. debt

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Debt Snowball
  • Debt Snowball vs Debt Avalanche

  • Plasectomy

  • Myths about debts and credit cards

  • Ways to eliminate debts and increase your income

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