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Meet JOjo Murwira

Hi,  please call me JOjo and I'm glad that you have visited my site and I hope  I will also have the privilege of talking to you very soon.

I am a certified Financial Coach using the Baby Steps principles of Dave Ramsey.    I am also working for an international organization, pushing and pulling information to the industry I'm serving while working with my colleagues across the globe. 

My background is in Information and Technology, both my university and master's degree are in IT.   I also finished my Teaching Certificate and passed the licensing exam to be able to teach both primary and secondary levels.   I will always have the heart of a teacher and the mind of an IT Person which I believe is a perfect combination when coaching about Finances. 

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But what really qualifies me to be a financial coach?   

Aside from my Financial Coach Master Training Certification from Ramsey Solutions, it's because I know exactly what you are going through right now. I've been there, made stupid decisions on money, and suffered the consequences and I'm sure glad that I've taken charge and finally told my money what to do instead of wondering each month where it went. 


I know what a lonely and scary place it is when you have no one to speak with regarding your financial issues.  I know how emotional somebody can be when facing financial problems and unfortunately makes people not face the problems objectively which leads to more unwise decisions. 

I know how overwhelming it can be to prioritize your financial decisions when everything is of equal value like do I  invest first or do I buy the house even I still have debts or should I focus all my attention on my retirement, what about our yearly vacation?  So many questions, so many options and can be overwhelming at times. 

Talk to me and together let us navigate the situation you are in and let me help you look into your financial situation with objective eyes and no emotional baggage and together let us find ways to help you get out of the financial situation that you are in and help you weigh possible financial options that you are facing. 

You can do this!  Let me walk and work with you to make your financial journey towards financial freedom faster and easier.